Paradise Alaska



16105 East Outer Springer Loop
Across from the Palmer golf course.


Venue rental includes two acres of maintained grass field, wedding party dressing area w/bathroom and prep kitchen.

Weekends Friday - Sunday
Cost for 1 day $1000
Cost for 2 days $1750
Cost for 3 days $2200

$750 per day

For booking availability and amenities please contact Stefan at 907-775-6360 or Yvonne 907-775-6359
or email


Special Pricing From Special Events Alaska

We will deliver your rental items on Friday instead of Saturday at no additional charge. You'll have extra time to setup your event without incurring additional charges. We will pickup your rental items on Monday as well so you'll have plenty of time for cleanup after your event. Friday through Monday for a typical 1 day price - this is our best pricing ever!