Lil’ Rebels First

Have a party for your lil’ rebel! Lil’ rebel Party Supplies feature tableware, plates, and napkins. Add our lil’ rebel party favors, decorations, and invitations to lil’ rebel Party Supplies for an adorable lil’ rebel birthday bash. Mix and match lil’ rebel Party Supplies with our solid color tableware for a custom birthday theme.



Lil' Rebel Dinner Plate

Lil' Rebel Dessert Plate

Lil' Rebel Lunch Napkin

Lil' Rebel Beverage Napkin

Lil' Rebel Cups

Lil' Rebel Tablecover

Lil' Rebel Invitations

Lil' Rebel Thank You Notes

Lil' Rebel Loot Bag

Lil' Rebel Blowouts

Lil' Rebel Centerpiece

Lil' Rebel Banner

Lil' Rebel dangling cutouts

Lil' Rebel Party Hat

Note: We do not ship products out of Alaska. Having our themes online allows our customers to preview products before they come in to buy them.