4) Balloon Art

Balloon art can totally transform your event. Whether you need a room full of balloons or just a simple centerpiece, we’ve got you covered. Don’t see what your looking for? Give us a call and we will connect you to one of our balloon experts. They will do their best to give you exactly what your looking for.

Need Balloons Now?
Give us a call at 357-RENT and we will schedule your balloons for pick-up when you need them. We will connect you to one of our trained balloon experts who will guide you through the processes of getting your balloons. You can also stop by, and your balloons will be made up while you shop for the other party needs.

Balloon Art 6ft Flower - $45.50

Balloon Art 3ft Balloon Bouquet - $50.95

Balloon Art Twirly Mylar Arrangement - $19.95

Balloon Art 3ft Pillar - $9.95

Balloon Art 6ft Pillar - $14.95

Balloon Art Balloon Centerpiece - $6.95

Balloon Art Baby Rattle - $12.85

Balloon Art Small String of Pearls w/ Collars - $51.95

Balloon Art String of Pearls - 14 balloons - $64.95

Balloon Art String of Pearls - 25 balloons - $129.95

Balloon Art 11'' Partly Ball Bouquet - $45.50

Balloon Art Spiral Arch - $385.00

Balloon Delivery - $45.00

Note: We do not ship products out of Alaska. Having our themes online allows our customers to preview products before they come in to buy them.