Mega Obstacle Challenge 1-2-3-4

Our Mega 1-2-3 Obstacle Course is designed for maximum safety and versatility. You can mix & match the 3 sections to create a 65’ long Obstacle Course or use modules 1 & 2 for an exciting 40’ Course. You can also combine 1 & 3 for a challenging 45’ course. Each section, including the Dual Lane 16’ High Slide Module can also be rented separately.


We now offer a 4th section! The new Section 4 is a Rock Wall and slide combo which can be rented alone or must be paired with the 3rd section if you're wanting multiple sections.


  • Section 1: 20'L x 12'W x 10'H 265lbs
  • Section 2: 20'L x 12'W x 10'H 265lbs
  • Section 3: 24'L x 12'W x 16'H 350lbs
  • Section 4: 26'L x 22'W x 26'H 768lbs
Sections 1+2+3: 880 lbs ALL 4 sections: 1648 lbs
Sections 1+2+3: 65'L x 12'W x 16'H ALL 4 sections: 91'L x 22'W x 26'H
Delivery is required for this item. Inflatable pricing does not include delivery because the prices vary by location.
Rental Period
All pricing is for a 24 hr rental period or from Saturday to Monday.

One Section - $250

Two Sections - $425

Three Sections - $600

*NEW!* Four Sections - $875

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4