66K BTU Lava Heater

A magnificent outdoor heater that is intelligently functional, and beautifully designed. Using real-flame technology, Lava Heat Italia provides radiant heating that is significantly stronger than the coverage given by typical and outdated old ''mushroom style'' heaters. Its unique and innovative architecture creates an attractive visual style that brightens and enriches any setting, at any time of the day, all year round.
A full propane tank will supply 6 hours of heat on the highest setting, now with over 50% more BTU output!
Please Note:
Propane not included with heater. This heater requires a 5 gallon propane tank.
Heat Dispersion Area
One heater will heat a 20x20 tent.
Delivery is required for this item. Heater pricing does not include delivery because the prices vary by location.
Rental Period
All pricing is for a 24 hr rental period or from Saturday to Monday.

66K BTU Lava Heater - $125.00

66K BTU Lava Heater with propane - $150.00