Cotton Candy Machine

What’s a better way of adding a little fun to an event than to add a cotton candy machine. This machine can add to a birthday, school carnival, or company party. All of our machines are compact making it convenient for transportation.

Click here for cotton candy machine instructions!

Flossine Packet Instructions
Add 1 packet of flossine to a 10lbs bag of sugar to make about 70-80 cones.

Auto Breeze Cotton Candy Machine - $80.00

Cotton Candy Cones (per cone) - $0.09

Cotton Candy Bags (100 count) - $13.95

Blue Raspberry Flavor Packet - $2.00

Cherry Flavor Packet - $2.00

Grape Flavor Packet - $2.00

Pink Vanilla Flavor Packet - $2.00

Strawberry Flavor Packet - $2.00

Watermelon Flavor Packet - $2.00