20x40 Event Tent

Seating Suggestion:

This tent is a perfect solution for those events with 64-80 seated guests.  This tent is also available with a clear canvas top that creates a green house effect to keep the area about 10 degrees warmer when sunny!


This item requires delivery and setup by Special Events Alaska. Tent pricing does not include delivery because the prices vary by location.
Rental Period
All pricing is for a 24 hr rental period or from Saturday to Monday.
Guest Seating
Seats 64-80 Guests
Please Note
This tent does not have walls included. You will need 5 walls and 1 door to fully wall this tent.

20x40 Event Tent - $745

20x40 Clear Top Event Tent - $795

20x40 Tent Liner - $495.00

20' Solid Panel Wall - $40.00

20' French Window Wall - $50.00

20' Solid Panel Door - $50.00

20' French Window Door - $50.00